Christmas Post #12 and #13

Christmas in the City

My Oma and Opa live in downtown Chicago, so me and my siblings go and sleepover at their house all the time. From Saturday to Sunday we went to do all the fun Christmas things. On Saturday me and my Oma went to Macy’s to see th tree and just shop around. The farther away pictures are a little blurry because of the lighting, but you can see them alright.

Harry Potter ornament! The only one, sadly.

They had a lot of deer décor that I really liked.

As well as these BEAUTIFUL trees!

There was this pretty ornament.

And this really pretty Santa. I love the owl!

It was lots of floors to go through! It surprisingly didn’t take that long.


This was one of the windows.

This cute fox was in the back.

I love the lights on the trees!

On Sunday we all went to my Oma’s work and saw the Christmas tree there. I like this tree better.

We also got some chocolate at a fancy chocolate shop. I got a horse, of course. It was very good.

And that was my weekend!

Hope you enjoyed! Merry Christmas!

~Faye 🐎

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