Meet Me In The Meadow

Hello everyone! Sorry I’ve been so inactive, I’ve been busy with things on Roblox and other games, and to be perfectly honest, I’ve run out of ideas for posts (so if you have my ideas, please let me know!!).

But, either way, today’s post is kinda short because its mainly about how I have decided to change the name of my blog to Meet Me In The Meadow! So, as you can see, my domain (or whatever it’s called) is going to stay the same. Because for one, I can’t change it without paying, and for two, I think it will just be easier for it to stay the same. I decided to change it because I don’t just write about animals anymore. It’s grown more in to a lifestyle blog, and it needed a name that suits it more now.

With that said, I have a few other things to talk about. I took new portrait pictures of the guinea pigs, and I will be getting them on here soon. Georgia will be 6 months old on June 6th, and I will be doing a photo shoot for that. And we have been working on our yard, lots of new plants have been going in, the garden is coming together, and we are getting a pool soon!

And I think that’s about all I had to talk about, I will see you soon!


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