Christmas Decorating!

The Christmas season is here again, and I can’t believe that’s it’s this time of year again, but anyways, to kick it off we have to decorate of course! First up, my blog website got it usual holiday decor update, but let’s get right into the post!

Starting off with the main part of Christmas decorating, I love how our tree came out this year-

And Ginger looked so cute in front of it!

For mine and my sister’s bedroom we got an extra tree that we have right now, so that really made our whole room very festive. Plus some decor that my sister made recently and the decorations we already had.

the extra tree

Other decor throughout the house-

our chandelier

And that’s about it! We haven’t decorated outside yet, but I’ll be sure to post about that when we do.

❄ Faye ❄


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