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So I entered a poem contest here on Gelina’s blog: https://dayinandoutwithgelina.wordpress.com/ So here is the poem, I hope you like it, I did write it when I was a bit younger, and I’m not a very good poem writer, but here goes!

The Little Town

I go to to the creek to play.
I go to the creek all day.
And yet I do not see, 
The little town beneath me.

Their houses are built of sticks, 
But to us they seem like toothpicks.
And their beds are made of leaves,
All fallen from the trees.

Their clothes are made of spider's silk,
And in their cups is milkweed's milk.
Their cups are made of tiny seed pods,
But to us this seems rather odd.

Their carts of bark are pulled by mice,
And every day they feed them twice.
Nuts, berries, flowers and more,
They work their best for food galore!

Every day in their little fields,
They work and work to grow their own meals,
After that they go and rest,
And after that they feel refreshed!

What do they like to do for fun?
Paint and draw, or sit in the sun?
Do they like to spin till they drop?
Or laugh and laugh and laugh nonstop?

Or do they like to sit real still,
Or maybe clean the windowsill.
Do they like to pick small flowers, 
Or listen to the birds for hours?

What do they like to eat and drink?
Do they eat plants, or do they eat meat?
Do they eat soup made of worm meat and moss?
Or do they eat salad that you have to toss?

So many things we have to learn
About the to hidden in the ferns.
But do you know who they are?
Fairies of course! For they are not far.

And to think I go there every day,
To climb and build and laugh and play, 
And I never knew I was so near, 
To something so small and dear.

So when you go outside to play,
Remember fairies share the day, 
And look before you stomp through weeds,
For it might be a field of the fairies.

That’s it! I hope you liked it!

~Faye 🐎


Adorable Animal Photography

I just want to say that me and my sister Tegan, started a photography blog! It’s just pictures of our animals and maybe some other animals. So, if you would like to check it out, here it is:


Thank you very much if you look at it!

Also, don’t forget that the O&A is on the 30th, so ask those questions if you haven’t already!

~Faye 🐎