Mini Brooms

I made some little brooms for Halloween and I thought I would show you how I made them. I started with some embroidery string, a couple twigs, and a square of burlap. My first attempt started with wrapping and tying a burlap square around a twig- Then I took all the strings going horizontal off… Continue reading Mini Brooms


Craft Series Part 3: Making a Few Mini Things

Today I will be showing you a few different mini things that I made. To start off, here is the list: Mini BirdhouseMini CratesMini Gardening TableMini Pergola and BenchDoll Unicorn HeadbandsModel Horse BootsModel Horse Bareback PadDoll BootsMini BooksMini EnvelopsMini Harry Potter TrunkMini Dog BiscuitsMini Toilet PaperMini Ziploc BaggiesSchleich Barn I did add something, and that… Continue reading Craft Series Part 3: Making a Few Mini Things