Christmas Post #2

Hello everyone! Today's 2nd post will be my Christmas wish-list which I thought would be fun to share! #1- Made to Move Barbie Doll with Blue Shirt. I really want this for a barbie doll I have who is my favorite, but cannot move at all, so I need this doll to switch out her… Continue reading Christmas Post #2


Craft Series Part 3: Making a Few Mini Things

Today I will be showing you a few different mini things that I made. To start off, here is the list: Mini BirdhouseMini CratesMini Gardening TableMini Pergola and BenchDoll Unicorn HeadbandsModel Horse BootsModel Horse Bareback PadDoll BootsMini BooksMini EnvelopsMini Harry Potter TrunkMini Dog BiscuitsMini Toilet PaperMini Ziploc BaggiesSchleich Barn I did add something, and that… Continue reading Craft Series Part 3: Making a Few Mini Things