Things I’ve Been Wanting To Say, But Haven’t For Some Reason

Now I know I just posted, like, a half hour ago, but I needed to do a regular post because these things were bugging me! YOU NEED TO KNOW!!

Today is the day where I catch up on things I’ve wanted to say, but haven’t. Obviously. 😊

  • I’m going to start share-boarding a horse soon! Her name is Sweetheart, and I love her so much! The farm only recently got her, sometime during the summer I think. She was a cattle horse, and her tail is short because the cows were always nipping at it. And, she is only 8 years old!
I LOVE her mane!! Her tail is like that too.
She has a heart-shaped marking, that’s why her name is Sweetheart.
  • I love Harry Potter. You might of known this already, but I’ve never said it specifically. I’ve seen all the movies probably a hundred times, and I’ve read all the books. I’ve taken the tests on Pottermore, and I’m in Ravenclaw, which I’m happy about because I love that house, but I decided that I also really like Hufflepuff, so…. I’m in Huffleclaw!
  • Our chickens started laying eggs! We found the first two eggs on September 24th. We get anywhere from 7-9 eggs a day, so we have lots!
  • I started archery about a month ago. I go every Saturday, and I love it. So far I’m not too good, but I’ll get there! I also partly did it because I do want to learn mounted archery (archery on horse-back) someday.
  • I’m going to read the hunger games and then watch the movies with my friend. I’m super excited!
  • And I don’t know why this is necessary, but my favorite plants are boxwood, english ivy, phlox, and hydrangeas. I just think that mentioning that really shows more of my personality.

That’s all! Tell me if you have any questions! Also, I might be doing these posts more often, just to catch up on random things.

~Faye 🐎

4 thoughts on “Things I’ve Been Wanting To Say, But Haven’t For Some Reason

  1. Sweetheart looks beautiful!! I love her name and how she has a heart shaped marking.💕 That’s a lot of eggs too. It’s cool you’re learning archery! Always a pleasure to meet a fellow Potterhead! I’m a Gryffindor!😂I think this was a rather interesting post!✨

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