Christmas Post #7

Hello everybody! Today I will be showing you my indoor decor! We have changed it multiple times so far, and we probably won’t change it again. For now, this is how it is, and I like it a lot! So, here we go!

This was our original tree, but we got a new tree (next pic) and so we put this one outside for a while. However, it kept blowing over no matter what we did, so we brought it inside and decorated it with all of our gnomes, I think it’s very cute along with our stockings and our little fireplace.

So, this is the new tree we got, and as you can see, it is very crowded with gifts already!

Here is our ever-changing chandelier:

And for this year we added a little matching thingy above the window.

This is our advent wreath with our very pretty holy family statue:

One of our many nativity sets:

The whole setup with our three king’s gifts:

And a little hot coco setup in our kitchen:

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed!

~Faye 🎄🐎

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