Christmas Post #12

Hello everybody! Today is the last Christmas post for this year, and it is of all the gifts I got. So let’s get started!

First up, I got this amazing hand-folded Mockingjay pin book. Its really awesome!

Me and my sister got a huge box of fabric. All sorts of really cool colors and patterns perfect for all the doll clothes we make!

Me and my sister also got tons of nail supplies and polish.

And I have it all set up now in our room.

I got this year’s Breyer Holiday Horse ornament. So now I have 2019’s, 2020’s, and 2021’s. I really like this one because of the cute fox on it’s back.

I got the made to move doll I wanted for my favorite doll Irene, I love this so much! And the skin tone matches perfectly!

And I put the made to move barbie’s head on Irene’s old body.

I got this adorable little dragon squishy.

I got the Schleich set I wanted, and its really cool!

I did get a Peeta doll, but I got the action figure.

I got this Breyer horse named Latte. She will be best friends with my other horse Coffee!

I got these amazing rings!

I got a cute little keychain purse/bag thingy which I keep my new rings in now, mini canvases, matte mod podge, some fabric glue, and a mini jar of Nutella.

I got a new outfit, and its my new favorite!

I got some a nice face care set, and perfume that smells amazing.

Lots of different books and things.

A fantastic art kit.

And tons of miscellaneous art supplies, way more than I have pictured here.

I got a makeup set.

And lastly, I got these adorable earrings along with the cutest gold toadstool necklace.

And that’s about all I received, I did leave out some smaller things and candy and such.

As for some things that I gave, I just wanted to show the things I gave to my parents.

I gave this to my dad. Its made of clay and secured to a rock and very delicate. It is the Horde symbol.

And I drew this for my mom using lots of my new art supplies!

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed! And Merry Christmas!

~Faye 🐎🎄

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